Activity Introduction

Activity details: In this activity students participate in a ‘Think, See, Wonder’ exercise aimed at getting students thinking about what big differences there might be between the lifestyle of someone in a developing country and an Australian lifestyle.

Key lessons and understandings of activity: The aim of this activity is to get students thinking about the Earth’s finite natural resources and the equitable distribution of these resources: the aim is not to highlight that we in Australia have lots of stuff but rather to recognise that people in developing countries work hard to improve their lives and given that globally we have finite resources, shouldn’t we be thinking about sharing these resources more equitably?

Module: Consumption 

Year levels: 3 & 4

Syllabus OutcomesST2-11LW, ST2-4WSEN2-6B

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor

Duration of activity: 45 mins

Learning areas addressed: Geography

Resources needed: Images (online or printed)

Homework and extension opportunities: Includes opportunities for homework.

Keywords: Resources, developing countries, consumption.

Explicit Australian Curriculum link:

Year 3

Science: Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions (ACSHE051)

English: Understand that languages have different written and visual communication systems, different oral traditions and different ways of constructing meaning (ACELA1475)

Year 4

Science: With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated scientifically and predict what might happen based on prior knowledge (ACSIS064)

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Teacher Worksheet

Activity outline

Students begin this activity by thinking about what they already know about life in developing countries. They are then asked to participate in a ‘Think, See, Wonder’ using images from a developing country. They are then asked to compare their earlier perceptions of life in a developing country with their responses to the images.


Begin this activity by asking students to share what they already know about life in a developing country. Write the keywords on the board. Consider the following questions to stimulate discussion and evoke keywords (including suggested answers):

  • What is a developing country?
  • Can you think of anywhere that is a developing country?
  • How do people get around in developing countries?
  • What kinds of houses do people live in? Are these houses big or small?
  • What sorts of things do people have in their houses? Do they have lots of stuff or not very much?

Once you have recorded a range of keywords around student perceptions of

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Student Worksheet

Image 1


Image 2

Image 3



Image 4

Think, See, Wonder Thinking Tool

Describe your photo using descriptive words
 What do you SEE?

 What do you THINK?

 What do you WONDER?


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