Climate change: Data shows 2016 likely to be warmest year yet

Author: M. McGrath
Source: The BBC
Date: 18/01/2017
Temperature data for 2016 shows it is likely to have edged ahead of 2015 as the world's warmest year. Data from Nasa and the UK Met Office shows temperatures were about 0.07 degrees Celsius above the 2015 mark. Although the Met Office increase was within the margin of error, Nasa says that 2016 wa...

World’s largest tropical peatland found in Congo basin

Author: G. Brown
Date: 12/01/2017
Scientists have discovered the world’s largest tropical peatland in the remote Congo swamps, estimated to store the equivalent of three year’s worth of the world’s total fossil fuel emissions. Researchers mapped the Cuvette Centrale peatlands in the central Congo basin and found they cover 14...

Thinking about a sustainable retrofit? Here are three things to consider

Author: T. Moore, A. Carre, R. Horne
Date: 16/01/2017
Sitting at home in the summer heat, your mind may start to wander to that fancy new air conditioner. But when it comes to making your house comfortable and sustainable, prevention is better than cure. By prevention we mean simple retrofits that will set you on the path to comfort and sustainability...

Five ways kids can benefit from being outside this summer break

Author: S. Gull Laird, L. McFarland
Date: 10/01/17
The summer break is well underway. The weather is warming and kids are getting used to some time away from school. Parents, meanwhile, are trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained over the break. Chances are you remember your own childhood summers full of adventures outdoors in some plot o...

Insects can teach us how to create better technologies

Author: P. Slijepcevic
Date: 8/11/16
If you put all humans living on the planet into an imaginary tin like sardines, the tin would be 2km long, wide and high. Amazingly, all the ants in the world would fill a similar-sized tin. Yet, despite their huge numbers, insects such as ants manage to thrive without overwhelming the natural world...