New Kimberley marine parks created around Horizontal Falls

Author: Ben Collins
Source: ABC News
Date: 25th of November 2016
Two new marine parks have been declared on the remote Kimberley coast, including the Horizontal Falls, a popular tourist attraction. The Lalang-garram/Horizontal Falls and North Lalang-garram Marine Parks will cover almost half a million hectares of coastal waters north-east of the Kimberley town o...

How bird poo makes clouds that help cool the Arctic

Author: Evelyn Fetterplace
Date: 16th of November 2016
Each summer, tens of millions of seabirds descend on a pristine Arctic – and spray it with piles of poo. But this stinky onslaught can actually help cool the local area by triggering cloud formation, new research shows. Betty Croft from Dalhousie University in Canada and colleagues used a combina...

Indigenous rights are key to preserving forests, climate change study finds.

Author: Jonathan Watts
Date: 16th of November 2016
The world’s indigenous communities need to be given a bigger role in climate stabilisation, according to a new study that shows at least a quarter of forest carbon is stored on communal land, particularly in Brazil. The research by a group of academic institutions and environmental NGOs is the mo...

Cane toad sausages on the menu for Kimberley wildlife in taste aversion project

Author: Erin Parke
Source: ABC News
Date: 16th of November 2016
Residents in Western Australia's north have been asked to collect as many cane toads as they can to be minced for a mass "toad sausage" delivery in the Kimberley. It is part of a wide-scale roll-out of a taste aversion conservation program for native animals that has been successfully trialled in t...

Food waste is a ‘disgrace’, dumpster diving granny says

Author: Kylie Bartholomew and Rob Blackmore
Source: ABC News
Date: 11th of November 2016
Julianne Brady has been a dumpster diver for two years and retrieves more than 90 per cent of her weekly groceries from supermarket bins on the Sunshine Coast.The 60-year-old discovered "freegan" living when times were tough financially, but it has evolved into an environmental and consumer awarenes...

Coral bleaching off north WA devastating, marine scientists say.

Author: ABC NEWS
Source: ABC News
Date: 4th of November 2016
Marine scientists surveying coral reefs off WA's northern coast are concerned some may not recover from a recent coral bleaching event. Researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) say Scott Reef, off the Kimberley coast, has been extensively damaged. Last summer, the north A...