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Cool Australia has been supporting teachers since 2008, providing them with learning activities and resources that make teaching and understanding real world scenarios as easy as possible.

Units, lessons and activities are Australian curriculum aligned and FREE to educators and students. You can choose to follow full units of study or pick individual lessons to fit in with your curriculum. 

Cool Australia is a registered charity. All donations are tax deductible and assist us in expanding our environmental education resources available at for teachers, parents/caregivers and students. You can donate here.


New Lessons aligned to New Zealand curriculum

 Check out our first NZ curriculum aligned lessons, developed with our 2040 partners to support growing demand from the New Zealand teaching community.

The Cool Australia team are working on developing additional resources for New Zealand teachers. If you have a topic or partner of particular interest, please email our education team and let them know.


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The Final Quarter


Down Syndrome Aus.


Planet Ark

Media Arts
Years 9 & 10

Years 5 & 6

Including Everyone
Years 1 to 6

Film Competition
Years 3 to 8

Schools Tree Day – Biodiversity
Upper Primary

This unit investigates the archival documentary technique used in The Final Quarter.

These lessons have been prepared to support teachers in exploring the topics of archival documentaries, filmmaking and film analysis, through the lens of The Final Quarter documentary.


This unit unpacks the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) on packaged food. It demystifies the sometimes complicated range of terms and figures,
and explores how the NIP can be co-opted by advertising techniques.

This unit focuses on best practices to include everyone in the classroom. It explores difference and similarity, and helps students take steps to create a welcoming, inclusive environment.

This unit contains six lessons for Years 3-8 and is designed to support you and your students to produce quality films for the MobileMuster Film Competition.

We have also prepared a competition preparation kit for 2020 which you can access here.

A family tree is a way we can keep track of our family connections. In nature, trees are also a pretty good way to keep track of what life is around. In this activity, you will learn about biodiversity and the ways that trees support a variety of life.




Expand your teaching skill set.

From integrating STEM and STEAM into your curriculum, to teaching mindfulness, our on demand professional development courses will deliver you top of class.

You can complete your course at your leisure.  Each course contains around 20 units or topics and the total completion time is around 2 hours.

Courses we offer include:

Teach Indigenous Land Management Using Fire – Secondary

Use Discussion Circles in the Classroom – Primary and Secondary

STEAM Made Simple – Secondary

Teach Mindfulness to Students – Early Learning, Primary and Secondary and other contemporary strategies and skills.


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