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National Recycling Week – Ollie and the Spectral Spectacles – [email protected] – Upper Primary

Meet Ollie. He’s a genius inventor. Or at least, he wants to be. That’s if his inventions actually worked. Instead of getting him into trouble. But one day, everything changes when he discovers a pair of glasses that allow him to see the power of unwanted items and transform them into incredible inventions – that work.

This hilarious book from well known Australian entertainer Jimmy Rees (Jimmy Giggle on Giggle and Hoot) is all about creative thinking and caring for the environment.

In this lesson, you’ll become an inventor just like Ollie, designing your own inventions using old, unused and unwanted items from around your house, while thinking about how much we send to landfill that could be reused or repurposed using forums such as Gumtree.

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Featured Units

The Leadership

Heart Foundation

Anti Poverty Week

Global Problem Solvers


HPE & Work Studies
Year 10

Jump Rope for Heart
Foundation to Year 6

Poverty and Inequality in Australia
Years 7 to 10

Years 5 & 6

Early Learning

Students will have the opportunity to deep dive into the concepts of workplace diversity and sexism and harassment in the workplace. The lessons in this unit encourage students to take a proactive approach to creating a better world, both in and outside of work. 

Jump Rope for Heart can help primary schools meet the mandatory weekly requirements for student participation in sport and physical activity. It also encourages students to build a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health.

This unit of work educates students and families about how poverty and inequality exist in Australia and how we can actively reduce the number of people living in poverty and inequality.

This shows students how social innovation can benefit even the most developed areas. The lessons guide students through the process of finding and understanding a problem, designing a solution for this problem, thinking about the opportunities and challenges associated with their solution.

Cool Australia has partnered with Ludo Studio to create a range of Bluey educational resources. Each resource showcases an episode from Bluey and contains all the intentional teaching strategies, NQF mapping and activities needed to bring Bluey to life in your centre.

   Professional Development

Expand your teaching skill set.

From integrating STEM and STEAM into your curriculum, to teaching mindfulness, our on demand professional development courses will deliver you top of class.

You can complete your course at your leisure.  Each course contains around 20 units or topics and the total completion time is around 2 hours.

Courses we offer include:

Teach Indigenous Land Management Using Fire – Secondary

Use Discussion Circles in the Classroom – Primary and Secondary

Teach Mindfulness to Students – Early Learning, Primary and Secondary and other contemporary strategies and skills.

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Cool Australia is a registered charity. All donations are tax deductible and assist us in expanding our environmental education resources available at for teachers, parents/caregivers and students. You can donate here.