Cool Curriculum Partners

Cool Australia collaborates with key curriculum partners to raise awareness, improve knowledge and inspire positive behavioral change with young Australians.

Cool Australia is commissioned to undertake a select number of curriculum projects each year. These projects are critical in ensuring that educational content is delivered to students with Australian Curriculum links and educators are provided with access to engaging ‘real world’ resources.

 A critical set of criteria is applied prior to undertaking commissioned projects. Organisations must share Cool Australia’s investment in a sustainable future and be clear and transparent in their vision, mission and values. All investment in education must be real, measurable and worthwhile.

The motivation for creating curriculum packages must align with Cool Australia’s core values and sincere investment in improving learning outcomes for all Australian students.

Cool Australia is committed to ensuring that our educational resources are:

  • Best practice
  • Developed in close consultation with education leaders and industry experts
  • Improves learning outcomes for all Australian students
  • Scientifically accurate, apolitical and engaging for students
  • Australian Curriculum aligned
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