Our capacity to educate Australians for a sustainable future would be somewhat limited without the productive relationships we enjoy with our partners.

Bendigo Bank – Our Coolest Partner

As a bank, Bendigo is good with money. But they are more interested in the good money can do.

Together we are building thriving communities with a bright future. And we know a sustainable future starts with our next generation of leaders.

Through Enviroweek, Bendigo continues to help local schools and take action. Whether it’s kick starting kitchen gardens or working with local businesses to donate equipment, more than 1,800 Enviroweek schools around Australia are flourishing.    

It’s through projects like these that Bendigo can help educate students about ‘wealth’. Not in terms of dollars and cents but how real wealth is measured by the benefits shared by everyone.

And that’s why Bendigo Bank is our coolest partner.

Bendigo continues to drive environmental change. As well as their support of campaigns like Earth Hour, they look to reward customers who make sustainable purchases. With simple solutions that add up to a cleaner, greener and brighter future.


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