Cool Australia Limited is a public company limited by guarantee, which acts as the trustee of the Cool Australia Trust. The primary obligation of Cool Australia Limited as trustee is to ensure that the Cool Australia Trust is prudently managed and that its actions, activities and the ways it uses its funds serves to further its stated environmental purposes and objectives.

The Cool Australia Trust has received endorsement as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) for all donations made being directed towards environmental education. This means that gifts from the public are tax deductible. It is also an income tax exempt charity (ITEC), meaning that it does not pay tax. It is a requirement that the Cool Australia Trust maintain a ‘gift fund’, namely the Cool Australia Fund. This is not a separate trust, but a fund within the trust to which gifts received from the public are credited. 

The Cool Australia Trust being endorsed as a DGR and an ITEC means that it is subject to a number of compliance obligations to the Australian Taxation Office, the Departments for the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, and to the consumer regulation authorities of Victoria and any other state where Cool Australia undertakes fundraising activities. Cool Australia Limited is governed by a board of directors. The directors are aware of their legal obligations in respect of Cool Australia Limited and the management of its affairs. The board adopts rigorous corporate governance practices.


Our Charter

  • Continue to provide Australian curriculum-linked resources to educators and students. 
  • Ensure the integrity of our site by using leading teachers, curriculum writers and experts to write our resources.
  • Connect, support and engage with educators who are investing in our young people and enable critical feedback to flow between educators.
  • Ensure the information we provide is science-based, of the highest quality, engaging, easy to access, understand and informative.
  • Continue to collaborate with and strengthen our relationship with our schools, principals, teachers, students and parents.
  • Work closely with leaders in the sphere of education in Australia to ensure we remain relevant, respected and fundamentally aligned to those key organisations.
  • Nurture our partnerships with a long-term view, knowing that each will evolve and strengthen over time.
  • Continue to bolster enthusiasm, instill a sense of broader community and develop students and educators’ skills in this critical area of learning for life.


Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ACNC

Cool Australia is a registered charity with the ACNC.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is the national regulator of charities. They register and regulate Australia’s charities. They help charities understand and meet their obligations and help the public understand the work of the not-for-profit sector.


United States Equivalency Determination Certification

Cool Australia has completed a comprehensive Equivalency Determination with NGOsource and is certified as being equivalent to a U.S. public charity. With this certification U.S. grant-makers can confidently meet their tax compliance requirements when donating to Cool Australia. U.S. funders are able to go through NGOsource to access the Equivalency Determination for Cool Australia.


 Audited Financial Reports