Cool Australia has been supporting teachers since 2008, providing them with learning activities and resources that make teaching and understanding real world scenarios as easy as possible.

As supported by our most recent research, we know our programs are working very effectively. Teachers, students and most importantly families are changing the ways they think and act.

This Impact Report outlines how Cool Australia continues to grow; reaching more teachers and more students each month.

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Sweeney Research conducted an extensive pro bono research assignment for Cool Australia with over 500 educators.  This research is critical in order to continue to improve our resources and better understand the success and effectiveness of our resources on Australian students. We understand that if you’re not measuring your impact, you have no impact.

The research shows that our impact is great. 

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ACER – Executive Summary November 2011

In 2011 ten schools across Victoria embedded Cool Australia learning activities into their curriculum for the year. The schools were a mix of secondary, primary, catholic, government, special and independent. ACER was engaged to evaluate the program.

The primary focus of this evaluation report was to investigate selected outcomes of the Cool Australia program at the school level. The evaluation focused on teacher usage and the ease of use of the on-line resource material for schools, teachers and students. The level of enjoyment derived from participation in and use of the Cool Australia program and changes in student behaviours, knowledge and understanding about environmental issues were also considered.

Teachers were very positive about the program:

  • Teachers reported an improvement in their teaching of sustainability after being involved in the Cool Australia program.
  • Teachers indicated students had a positive reaction to the program and the program had positively contributed to their students’ educational outcomes.
  • Almost all teachers rated their students’ knowledge of our environment as having increased since being involved in the Cool Australia program. Teachers reported their students were also keen to learn new ideas about how to realise a sustainable future.
  • According to their teachers, nearly all students looked forward to learning about the environment through the program, and most were more aware of environmental issues as a result of the program.
  • Teachers reported students demonstrated an increased level of awareness, knowledge and understanding of issues related to the environment. Students were more conscious of their actions. Students were also actively raising their parent’s awareness of how they could as a family all contribute to improving the environment.
  • Teachers were very positive in their assessment of the Cool Australia website, with respect to the comprehensiveness of the information, its readability, and the provision of up-to date information.
  • Teachers found the teaching Module plans and student activity sheets a valuable classroom resource. The teaching Modules also helped teachers increase their confidence in teaching sustainability.
  • All teachers reported they would continue to use the Cool Australia website and its associated teaching resources.

ACER Evaluation of the Cool Australia – Pilot Schools Program 2011