Cool Australia is a not-for-profit education organisation with an open, creative mindset and a contemporary pedagogical approach. Our Mission is to up-skill educators to become the designers of exceptional learning for all young Australians. Our vision is to be the leader in real world learning.

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We check in with our educators regularly by commissioning in-depth qualitative, quantitative and focus group research to confirm that we’ve got the right stuff. That we’re meeting the need and that we continue to measure our impact on educators and students. This is what our educators told us in 2017. 

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Cool Australia has been supporting teachers since 2008, providing them with learning activities and resources that make teaching and understanding real world scenarios as easy as possible.

As supported by our most recent research, we know our programs are working very effectively. Teachers, students and most importantly families are changing the ways they think and act.

This Impact Report outlines how Cool Australia continues to grow; reaching more teachers and more students each month.

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In this research, Australian teachers were consulted to identify the most useful elements of website design, in order to inform resource providers and website designers on factors to help make their sites as accessible as possible.

The most comprehensive, easiest to navigate, most relevant, and most engaging for their students were Cool Australia and ABC Splash.

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Sweeney Research conducted an extensive pro bono research assignment for Cool Australia with over 500 educators.  This research is critical in order to continue to improve our resources and better understand the success and effectiveness of our resources on Australian students. We understand that if you’re not measuring your impact, you have no impact.

The research shows that our impact is great. 

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Main findings of the Australian Council for Educational Research (2011): Evaluation of the Cool Australia Pilot Schools Program.

“Cool Australia’s curriculum resources helped teachers be better at their job and feel confident about teaching sustainability. Students changed their thinking and actions (both at home and school) around energy, water, waste and biodiversity”.

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