Managing Director and founder of Cool, Jase Kimberley, definitely took the scenic route to get to where he is today.

It was the summer of 2005 that saw Jase spend 3 weeks man-hauling sledges in Antarctica. In researching his book about the adventures that changed his life, Jase discovered that over-fishing of krill in the Southern Ocean and the subsequent collapse in the fish, bird and mammal numbers were the result. It was out of sight, out of mind. It turns out that there are hundreds of similar activities going on around the world, destroying our natural world with no return. He returned invigorated and armed with a renewed appreciation of the impacts of human activity and the responsibility we all have to invest in our life support system – our natural world. Something had to be done and Jase was determined to do it.

The answer was education – it had to be free and online. Cool was born. Jase decided that Cool would talk in plain English, with a smile on its face and distil complex science and issues into readily understood, age-appropriate resources packed with information for all classrooms.

Jason identified the need to provide our current and future generations with relevant and engaging information about the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. Our education system was identified as the most important and effective medium for connecting real-world education with kids.

 In August 2008, Cool Australia opened for learning.


Facts and Figures

➜ 8,401 schools using Cool Australia resources 

➜ 3,600,000 students engaged in our learning activities in 2020

➜ 185,000 members supporting our programs

➜ 359,000 classroom lessons downloaded and taught in 2020

➜ 1.6 million total lessons downloaded and taught on an ongoing basis

➜ 1,750 free to access learning activities

➜  0.52 cents (cost per student)