“One of the best sustainability resources
I have found in my 30 years of teaching”  

Bill Thomas – 2011 Prime Ministers Environmentalist of the Year,
Head Of Sustainable Practice, Bentleigh Secondary College.  

Our Curriculum – Teacher Testimonials

“Cool Australia is far the best resource I have used as a teacher. I have used many websites to aid my teaching but Cool Australia is so easy to use, very useful…I have encouraged all the staff to use the website in their planning. Keep it happening!”

“Cool Australia’s notebook files are the best I have used.”

“I found Cool Australia to be the best (resource) – I stopped looking when I found it.”

 “All of the resources are up-to-date, of the highest standard and quality, and all accessible from the one site, you don’t have to search for hours for just one good resource; they’re all right there.”

 “They inspire and encourage me to expand my creative skills and approaches in the classroom by incorporating sustainability and environment messages into my lessons.”

“As the lessons are interactive and engaging. Students love them and as a teacher I love the fact they take some of the leg work out of my lessons and allow me to spend more time working on the outdoor gardens etc.”

“They get to the point of different concepts and provide links and ideas to springboard to other ideas/areas/websites to increase depth and breadth of understanding.”

“I would like to extend my thanks to the Cool Australia team for the great work they are doing in supporting students and teachers in their quest for a better tomorrow. I like how this topic is open ended and can be used across different KLA’s.”

“A wonderful hands-on activity, with a simple, easy to understand activity, that helped my students understand, which was for some of them a difficult concept. Lots of fun and engagement for students! Thank you!”

“I have just stumbled across your website and absolutely love love love what you do!”


Our Professional Development – Teacher Testimonials

“I’m so impressed with the pedagogical approach of the course – embedding experiential learning with an online format”.

“I came out of this course with so many ideas and the confidence to make a difference”.

“I enjoyed the flexibility and different ways to learn- video clips, activities, links. Thanks for the further learning and resources to use after the course is finished”.

“The presenter’s enthusiasm and detail and commitment was exceptional. I would sign up for any course she was facilitating”.

“This was a stimulating, engaging and fun online course that provided a wealth of ideas. It was well presented and the activities were do-able, useful and very worthwhile. I would recommend this course to anyone!”

“Great course content! Great presenter. I certainly learned a valuable amount and excited to share my knowledge with my students”.

“This course reignited my passion for sustainability and I am using the knowledge I gained to inspire and educate my team members”.

“Achievable, applicable, adaptable. This is the best online course I have done”.

“The workshop gave overworked, under resourced teachers easy access to information and ideas for engaging students”.

“Teachers are still talking about the Cool Australia workshop, a week later! Thank you for inspiring our team and giving us the tools we need to take learning to the next level”.

“Your keynote speech was such a great way to start our conference. Attendees told us that they felt inspired, motivated and informed… and ready for anything. Thank you”.