Activity Introduction

Quick summary: Students identify what will be the best option for their first car.  

Learning goals for this activity include:

  • Understand the energy requirements used in transportation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in a creative manner to complete activity.
  • Demonstrate the ability to research and compile information on issues, and to communicate lessons from research through art or literacy activities (extension).

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions:

Year 9 Science

  • People can use scientific knowledge to evaluate whether they should accept claims, explanations or predictions (ACSHE160)

Year 10 Science

  • People can use scientific knowledge to evaluate whether they should accept claims, explanations or predictions (ACSHE194) 

Syllabus OutcomesSC5-13ES

Topic: Energy

Year levels: 9 and 10

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor

Time required: 40 mins

Learning areas addressed: Geography, Science

Level of teacher scaffolding: Lead students in class discussion around their imagined energy sources.

Resources required: Art and writing materials, Internet and library access, printed worksheet.

Homework and extension opportunities: None.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher preparation


Many students will already be dreaming about their first car. It has been predicted that the global oil and petrol resources are beginning to dwindle, will this influence how people get around in the future?Future oil and petrol prices will go up and up as supply can’t meet demand. Student consider a range of factors when they are buying their car, but is energy efficiency top priority? 


Activity outline

1. Students are provided with the worksheet to fill in.

2. Students use the web to find out what kind of car they might like to purchase. Limit the research time to 10 minutes.

3. They are asked how much money they might be able to get together to buy their first car.

4. Get the students to fill in the priority table. 

Followup discussion

It has been predicted that the global oil and petrol resources are beginning to dwindle. Future oil and petrol prices will go up and up as supply can’t meet demand. Does this influence the students choice

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Student Worksheet

It is very rare for anyone’s first car to be their dream car. When people are ready to buy their first car they usually don’t have much money. There are many other things also needing consideration.

Research on the web your dream car!

1) What type of car do you want?

2) How much money might you have?  

3) When purchasing your first car there are many things to consider. Fill in the table below ranking the priority of the criteria list.


Get realistic priority list

Prioritise from 1 to 12

( if there are other reasons – 13 or 14)

Cost of purchasing the car

How good the car makes you feel   

Cost of buying fuel for the car   

Colour of the paintwork   

How good the engine is

How much your friends will like the car   

Purchasing a large car with a big engine

What your parents are going to buy you   

The environmental impacts of the car

Safety features   

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