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Student Worksheet

Different Sources of Energy

Activity Instructions

We use electricity every day at home, school and work. But have you ever thought about where electricity comes from and how it is made? There are different sources of electricity - some are damaging to our environment whilst others are more sustainable.

You will need: 

Print off a copy of each of the Energy Factsheets from the website, or view on your computer or tablet:

Step 1. Read the Coal Factsheet. As you do, use a piece of paper to create a mind map to summarise the main points of the Factsheet. For example;

Step 2. Read each of the other Factsheets, creating a mind map that summarises what you have learnt about each of the energy sources as you go.

Step 3. Discuss with someone in your house, with a friend or relative over the phone, or have a think yourself and record your answers to the followi


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