Activity Introduction

AFI_2021_Photoframe_Photo7Quick summary: In this Health and Physical Education (HPE) lesson, students will consider the importance of seeking help and articulate their existing support networks. The class will analyse and discuss a case study from the film ‘A Fire Inside’ of a community in need of help. Students will then create campaigns to support communities in need of help and address ways to gain support.

Learning intentions:

  • Students can identify existing support networks
  • Students can analyse and evaluate a case study to consider factors that impact wellbeing
  • Students can propose a campaign to support communities in need of help.

21st-century skills: 

 CommunicatingCommunity EngagementCritical ThinkingEmpathyEthical UnderstandingFlexibilitySocial Skills Problem Solving            

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions: 

Years 9 & 10 Health and Physical Education:

  • Evaluate factors that shape identities and critically analyse how individuals impact the identities of others (ACPPS089)
  • Plan, implement and critique strategies to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of their communities (ACPPS096)
  • Plan and evaluate new and creative interventions that promote their own and others’ connection to community and natural and built environments (ACPPS097).

Syllabus outcomes: PDHPE5.1, PDHPE5.6, PDHPE5.9.

General capabilities: Ethical UnderstandingIntercultural Understanding, LiteracyPersonal and Social Capabilities

Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability

Relevant parts of Year 9 & 10 HPE achievement standards: 

By the end of Year 10, students critically analyse contextual factors that influence identities, relationships, decisions and behaviours. They analyse the impact attitudes and beliefs about diversity have on community connection and wellbeing. They evaluate the outcomes of emotional responses to different situations. Students propose and evaluate interventions to improve fitness and physical activity levels in their communities.

They apply decision-making and problem-solving skills when taking action to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing.

Topic: Seeking and offering help

This lesson is part of the wider unit of work: A Fire Inside: Feature Documentary Years 7 to 10.

Time required: 70 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – facilitate class discussion.

Resources required:

  • A device capable of presenting a video to the class
  • Student Worksheets – one copy per student
  • Post-it notes, whiteboard and markers
  • Resources for making posters (either digital or paper and pencils).

Keywords: film, sustainability, health, wellbeing, support, resilience.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

AFI_2021_Photoframe_Photo7Teacher Preparation

Before teaching the lessons, ensure you have watched the feature documentary “A Fire Inside” rated M15+ and have gained approval from parents and guardians before viewing the documentary or specific clips produced for Cool. Consider completing the first lesson: Viewing The Film to ensure students have a clear understanding of the feature documentary and how to apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills. 

To view the film you can rent or purchase an online copy from Google PlayApple TVPrime Video, or Ritz at home.

Students may develop heightened emotions and discomfort during the film. It is recommended that you direct students to a school counsellor if they require additional support and read through the Handling Sensitive Topics and Issues Template document.

Learning intentions: Students will...

  • ...identify existing support networks
  • ...analyse and evaluate a case study to consider factors that impact wellbeing
  • ... propose a campaign to sup
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Student Worksheet

Thought-starter: If you’re not sharing it you’re carrying it.

1. Where are places you can get help when you have problems?

Why do you think it is important for people to get help when they are struggling?

Table 1

You will be watching some clips about a community that experienced intense and devastating bushfires. Brainstorm a list of problems the community might be facing and what supports they might need:

Possible problems The support they might need


2. Case Study:

What stood out to you in this clip?

Did anything surprise you? Why/why not?

What message do you take away from this clip?

Table 3

3. Key quote analysis:

Read the quotes from the film below and write down your responses to them:

Quote: What this makes me think/feel:
“There is this stigma, there is this shame about being emotionally impacted...we’ve got to do more to open the door to give permission to our mates… that it’s ok to b
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