Activity Introduction

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Teacher Worksheet

Teacher preparation

Learning intentions: Students will...

  • ... identify biotic and abiotic elements of an ecosystem and how they change due to bushfires.
  • ... analyse data sets to determine current changes over time and predict future changes in an ecosystem recovering from bushfires.
  • ... develop a hypothesis about future ecosystem recovery based on these data sets.
  • ... develop their observation and questioning skills.

Success criteria: Students can …

  • … interpret and explain changes between satellite images.
  • … interpret data in a plot graph.
  • … identify and discuss changes in a variety of abiotic factors.
  • … create a hypothesis based on their interpretation of data.
  • ... identify data that would help them investigate this hypothesis.

Teacher content information: 

Important: Talking about bushfires often involves addressing sensitive issues. Bushfires are innately linked to death and dying, and as such, may evoke strong emotions, opinions, or raise challenging


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

Student Worksheet

Thought Starter: How can humans reduce the threat and impact of bushfires?

Read Before and after: 4 new graphics show the recovery from last summer’s bushfire devastation by Jorg Michael Hacker on The Conversation.

Part A: Article Analysis Activities

1. Select one species mentioned in the article, then select one of the abiotic factors from the list provided.

Focus Biotic Factor

Select a species mentioned in the article

Focus Abiotic Factor

Soil Quality, Ground Cover, Shade, Wind, Rainfall

2. Navigate to the interactive part of the article under the heading 'Devastation and recovery after the Kangaroo Island bushfires'.

Using the table below and the images from the three time periods (before the fires, February 6 2020, and October 9 2020), record how your selected abiotic and biotic factors have changed over this period.

Before Fires

February 2020

October 2020

Describe the condition of your chosen biotic factor (

This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

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