Activity Introduction

Quick summary: This lesson is based on Bluey, Season 2, Christmas Swim. It focuses on the capability of inclusivity. Students consider the unique strengths and diversity of their family members, consider how to introduce them to strangers, and reflect on aspects of family they are grateful for. 

This is an official Bluey lesson that celebrates the joy and curiosity of Bluey and allows students to build social and emotional intelligence. Most of all it has been designed to inspire creativity and imagination in your students!

Lesson values: This lesson has been designed to provide opportunities for students to explore social and emotional learning through imaginative play. All lessons in the Bluey series are underpinned by a philosophy of play and imagination. In addition, this lesson specifically focuses on…

  • Inclusivity

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Evidence-based Approach

These lessons have been developed to support social and emotional learning, oral language development and play-based learning. To find out more, click here.

About Bluey

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content Descriptions:

Year 2 English

  • Identify language that can be used for appreciating texts and the qualities of people and things (ACELA1462)

Foundation Health and Physical Education

  • Identify personal strengths (ACPPS001)
  • Practise personal and social skills to interact positively with others (ACPPS004)

Year 1 & 2 Health and Physical Education

  • Describe their own strengths and achievements and those of others, and identify how these contribute to personal identities (ACPPS015)
  • Describe physical and social changes that occur as children grow older and discuss how family and community acknowledge these (ACPPS016)
  • Practise strategies they can use when they feel uncomfortable, unsafe or need help with a task, problem or situation (ACPPS017)
  • Describe ways to include others to make them feel they belong (ACPPS019)
  • Recognise similarities and differences in individuals and groups, and explore how these are celebrated and respected (ACPPS024)

Foundation – Year 2 Visual Arts

  • Explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination to create visual artworks and design, including considering ideas in artworks by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists (ACAVAM106)
  • Create and display artworks to communicate ideas to an audience (ACAVAM108)

Syllabus outcomes: EN1-6B, COES1.1, IPES1.11, GDS1.9, DMS1.2, PSS1.5, SLS1.13, COS1.1, INS1.3, IRS1.11, GDS1.9, VAS1.1, VAS1.2,

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking

Relevant parts of Year 2 English achievement standards: When discussing their ideas and experiences, students use everyday language features and topic-specific vocabulary. 

Relevant parts of Foundation Year Health and Physical Education achievement standards: Students use personal and social skills when working with others in a range of activities.

Relevant parts of Year 1 & 2 Health and Physical Education achievement standards: Students recognise how strengths and achievements contribute to identities. Students demonstrate positive ways to interact with others.

Relevant parts of Foundation – Year 2 Visual Arts achievement standards: Students make artworks in different forms to express their ideas, observations and imagination.

Topic: Bluey.

This lesson is part of the wider unit of work Bluey – Foundation to Year 2.

Time required: 45 – 60 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Low – Teachers facilitate discussion and support students in their independent work.

Resources required:

  • Art supplies – coloured pencils and markers
  • Device capable of presenting a video to the class
  • Whiteboard
  • White Paper – A3 size.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.



This lesson has been developed in partnership with Ludo Studio. We would like to acknowledge the support of ABC Kids, BBC Studios, Screen Australia and Screen Queensland.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Preparation

Learning intentions: Students will...

  • ... reflect on their personal strengths
  • ... reflect on the qualities of other people.

Success criteria: Students can…

  • ... list achievements or personality traits they are proud of
  • ... use colourful adjectives to describe their family
  • ... create artwork with meanings.


Consider making the learning intentions and success criteria visible to students throughout this lesson.

Teaching Sequence

Work through this resource material in the following sequence:

7 minutes - Part A: Watch Bluey
10 minutes - Part B: Discussion
25 minutes - Part C: Family Portrait
15 minutes - Part D: Get Crafty!

Part A: Watch Bluey 

Step 1. Share the Bluey episode Christmas Swim with your students.

You can watch this episode on ABC iView or through Enhance TV.

Christmas Swim synopsis: Bluey gets a new teddy for Christmas and introduces him to the whole family. But the family play too rough with him and now he wants to go hom

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