Activity Introduction

Bluey Hammerbarn Paint Sample PhotoframeQuick summary: This activity is based on Bluey, Season 2, Hammerbarn. Kids explore the value of ‘sharing’. They begin by watching the Bluey episode and talking about what they noticed about this episode. They then make a pizza with their parent/carer, exploring ways to share their toppings and their pizza.

This is an official Bluey activity that celebrates the joy and curiosity of Bluey and allows kids to build social and emotional intelligence and develop oral language skills. Most of all it has been designed to inspire creativity and imagination in your kids!

Ideal For:
Early Learning, Lower Primary

Activity Values: This activity has been designed to provide opportunities for kids to explore social and emotional learning through imaginative play. All activities in the Bluey series are underpinned by a philosophy of play and imagination. In addition, this activity specifically focuses on…

  • Sharing

Click here for a full list of values, and the explanation of our learning philosophy that underpins the Bluey activities.

Time required: 15-20 minutes

Information For Parents and Carers

To learn about social and emotional learning and the importance of play for kids, click here.

To find out more about Bluey, click here.

What You Will Need

  • Lots of small pieces of paper in different colours and sizes to represent different pizza toppings – ensure that each person participating in the activity has an equal amount of each piece/type of paper (to make it trickier you could ensure that there is a low number of each colour/shape of paper for each participant)
  • Pieces of white paper, cut into large circles (to represent pizza bases) – you will need as many pizza bases as you have people participating in the activity.

Accessing Bluey

You can watch all of Season 2 of Bluey on ABC iView or Enhance TV.



This activity has been developed in partnership with Ludo Studio. We would like to acknowledge the support of ABC Kids, BBC Studios, Screen Australia and Screen Queensland.


Teacher Worksheet


Part A: Watch Bluey

Step 1. Begin by watching the Bluey episode Hammerbarn. We recommend watching the Bluey episodes together with your kids. In addition to spending time together, you will have more opportunity to engage with the stories in the episode. And most importantly, you’ll love watching it too!

Bluey and Bingo at Hammerbarn

You can watch this episode on ABC iView or through Enhance TV.

Hammerbarn synopsis: On a trip to Hammerbarn, Bluey and Bingo create their own mini-homes side-by-side in the trolley. But Bluey quickly gets jealous of her neighbour Bingo.

Step 2. Once the episode has finished, take a few minutes to talk about what you noticed in Hammerbarn.

Start your chat by saying:

  • I like the bit in this episode when…

Then ask your kids to identify what they liked in this episode. Encourage them to start with the same sentence starter (I like the bit in this episode when…).

You could continue your discussion further using some or all of the following sentence starters:

  • I
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