Activity Introduction

batteries-heroThis Smartboard lesson focuses on waste and recycling. In this activity students will look at common types of waste found at school and at home, and:

  • How they can be disposed off;
  • How quickly they break down and decompose; 
  • Some interesting facts about each type of waste; and
  • Different ways that waste can be reused.

Interactive components

  1. Students are asked to put rubbish into the correct bins.
  2. Students are asked to order waste according to its breakdown rate.

The Schools Recycle Right Challenge is an initiative of Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week. Schools can participate in the Challenge from the 5th October to the 13th November. Cool Australia has collaborated with Planet Ark, and MobileMuster to create a suite of free to access, online lessons that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and include a collection of digital learning resources designed for students to learn by doing and having fun.

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All of Cool Australia IWB lessons use Smart Notebook software. This software is included with the Smart Board but is compatible with many other interactive whiteboards. It allows users to compile notes, images, and other media into virtual notebooks which can be projected and edited using the Smart Board itself.

1. When downloading the file from Cool Australia’s website some browsers will need the .notebook extension. To add this extension to the file name select the “Save As” option when downloading the file, then select the dropdown box on the bottom and select “All Files” and add .notebook to the end of it.

2. If the file doesn’t open check what Interactive board you are using and email [email protected]

This lesson can be used with various content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum. For more information see 

Download the file below!


BinitCoolAustraliaSmartboardLesson (Download)


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