Activity Introduction

Activity details: Students begin to recognise the body structure of an ant. They colour in a diagram of the ant using key colours to match body parts.

Key lessons and understandings of activity:
Students start to apply their understanding of how insects are made up of different body parts. They apply the common words used to describe insect features.

Module: Biodiversity

Year levels: Foundation 

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor

Duration of activity: 45 mins

Learning areas addressed: Science, Art

Resources needed: Printed activity sheets, art materials.

Homework and extension opportunities: None.

Keywords: Ant, colour, foundation, body parts, thorax, antennae, abdomen


Teacher Worksheet

Activity outline

It has been suggested that there are between six and ten million species of insects in the world and that they make up nearly 90% of all the Earth’s animal species. You could spend your whole life looking at insects all day, every day and still never see all the insects in the world. Insects can be found all around us in our gardens, indoors, forests, freshwater and saltwater habitats, etc.


Students are to colour in the picture of the ant in the 'Student Worksheet'. They are to match the body part to the colour coding chart provided.

Discuss with your students some of the different body parts of an ant and what they might be used for. Some questions to consider might be:

  • How many body parts does an ant have?
  • Do you have the same body parts?
  • Is an ant alive like you and me?
  • Why might an ant have body parts such as a stinger and antennae?

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Student Worksheet

Ants are insects because they have six legs. Colour in the body parts of the ant using the following colours...

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