Activity Introduction

Quick summary: Students create artworks based on their Connector Pen memories. Students begin the lesson by viewing clips of people sharing their Connector Pen memories, and then conduct a Think Pair Share activity to identify their own favourite Connector Pen memory. They will then plan, create and share a drawing that describes their Connector Pen memory. NOTE: Students who don’t have Connector Pen memories can create a drawing that describes their most interesting or important experience with art.

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Learning intentions:

  • Students understand how to use a range of drawing techniques and practices when planning and making their artworks.

21st century skills:

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions: 

Year 5 & 6 Visual Arts

  • Develop and apply techniques and processes when making their artworks (ACAVAM115)

Syllabus outcomes: VAS3.2.

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking.

Relevant parts of Years 5 & 6 Visual Arts achievement standards: Students use visual conventions and visual arts practices to express a personal view in their artworks. They demonstrate different techniques and processes in planning and making artworks.

Topic: Creative Thinking.

Unit of work: Creative Sustainability – Years 5 & 6 – Visual Arts.

Time required: 60 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Low – oversee clip watching and art making.

Resources required: Student Worksheet – one copy per student. Device capable of presenting an online clip to the class OR tablets for students to view clips in groups. Drawing materials and tools, including Connector Pens, recycled paper, A3 drawing paper, Goldfaber graphite pencils, rulers, PVC-free erasers and Grip sharpeners. The following handouts may be useful for students: Colouring Techniques handout, Colour Wheel factsheet, Art Elements and Principles factsheet, Texture rendering techniques factsheet.

Keywords: Connector Pens, art, drawing, memories.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher preparation

Learning intentions:

  • Students understand how to use a range of drawing techniques and practices when planning and making their artworks.

Success criteria:

  • Students plan and create drawings.
  • Students use different drawing techniques.
  • Students use Connector Pens to make art.
  • Students engage in group and class discussions.

Teacher content information: Since humans first walked the Earth, creativity has driven exploration, invention and ingenuity. By inspiring our students to be creative you will be helping them develop and strengthen skills and attributes across a range of disciplines, and will be preparing them to meet the demands of the 21st Century.

All people are born with the capacity to be creative, but creativity won’t necessarily develop on its own. It requires nurturing, encouragement and support. The process is like that of a gardener taking care of plants by creating an environment in which the plants will flourish. Similarly, a learn

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Student Worksheet

Thought starter: What is your earliest art memory?

Watching Clips

You will now be watching a clip featuring people from around Australia are sharing their Connector Pen memories. Once you have watched the clip, discuss and record answers to the following questions:

1. What was this clip about?

2. What are the main messages this person is sharing about Connector Pens?

3. Have you had any similar experiences to this person? When and how?

4. What does this clip make you think about?

5. What does this clip make you wonder?

Think Pair Share

You will now conduct a THINK PAIR SHARE activity around the following question:

  • What is your favourite Connector Pen memory?

Work independently to record your answers to this question in Column A of the table below. Once complete you can team up with a classmate and share your ideas, adding new thoughts or amendments to Column B:

Question Column A - THINK Column B - PAIR AND SHARE
What is your favourite Connector
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