Activity Introduction

Module: Biodiversity

Year levels: 7 and 8

Activity details: Students choose an animal, plant or ecosystem at risk. In their research they need to find links between the concepts they have learned about biodiversity and the conservation measures that are being done or should be done to reduce the risks. They produce a short report using a software package of their choosing.

Learning goals for this activity include:

1. Apply their learning about biodiversity to a specific conservation issue.

2. Locate appropriate resources about a topic of interest.

3. Produce a report using software including images, tables and graphs (if appropriate).

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor

Duration of activity: 60 mins+

Learning areas addressed: Geography, Science, ICT, English.

Teacher input: Help students to quickly decide on what they will research.

Resources needed: Computers, printers, internet and library access.

Homework and extension opportunities: This activity is perfect for a homework research assignment.


Teacher Worksheet


The concept of biodiversity enables scientists to develop better plans for conservation. Conservation projects go across many areas and can include restoring small remnant ecosystems, protecting vast ecosystems, captive breeding programs and legislation regarding animal trade. Many local conservation projects focus on restoration. These habitat restoration projects are very valuable at retaining the remaining genetic diversity of local species.

In Australia, scientists have divided up the land on the continent into around 70 bioregions. They worked out what percentage of the ecosystems in each bioregion require full protection to conserve the bioregion's biodiversity. Decision makers have a much better way of knowing if enough land is being protected and where the priorities of the areas are.

Activity outline

Individuals or pairs of students decide on a conservation issue to research. They can choose an ecosystem, animal or plant that is at risk. Students should spend

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