Activity Introduction

Quick summary: This one-on-one session helps trusted adults start a conversation with a young person who has crossed a line, whether that be gravely injuring someone or being involved in a violent crime, such as a coward punch. The young person’s behaviours have now reached a point where there is likely to be permanent consequences for their life or the life of another person. They may be in trouble either with gangs, the police or are about to enter the legal system. This session will guide the facilitator through empathy-building, person-centred questioning, referral avenues and planning for life after perpetrating.

This session is not designed to replace professional help and is merely a starting point for providing emergency care and support for the young person. This session should only be delivered with the young person’s consent and all efforts should be taken to respect their privacy and personal agency. Please ensure you are aware of any mandatory reporting requirements that may apply to your role and ensure you inform the appropriate authorities (where appropriate) if you suspect the young person is likely to be in danger of harm or likely to harm someone else.

Learning intentions:

  • The young person will feel acknowledged and supported
  • The young person will understand the potential consequences of their actions 
  • The young person will process events
  • The young person will plan for their future
  • The young person will be aware of avenues for help-seeking and professional support.

21st century skills: 

 CommunicatingEmpathy Problem Solving

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions: 

Years 9 & 10 Health and Physical Education:

  • Investigate how empathy and ethical decision making contribute to respectful relationships (ACPPS093)
  • Evaluate situations and propose appropriate emotional responses and then reflect on possible outcomes of different responses (ACPPS094)
  • Propose, practise and evaluate responses in situations where external influences may impact on their ability to make healthy and safe choices (ACPPS092)

Syllabus outcomes: PDHPE5.2, PDHPE5.3, PDHPE5.6, PDHPE5.7, PDHPE5.8, PDHPE5.11, PDHPE5.12, PDHPE5.13, PDHPE5.16

General capabilities: Personal and Social Capability

Relevant parts of Years 9 & 10 achievement standards: Students apply decision-making and problem-solving skills when taking action to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing. They evaluate the outcomes of emotional responses to different situations.

Topic: Health & Wellbeing

This lesson is part of the wider unit of work STOP the Coward Punch: Supporting Resources.

Time required: 60+ mins.

Facilitator role: This session is designed to support trusted and caring adults in an existing relationship with the young person, such as parents/caregivers, teachers, coaches, religious leaders, youth workers, school wellbeing staff, community elders or leaders. Facilitators of this session should be careful not to assume knowledge or provide any legal advice or misinformation.

Resources required:

  • This Won’t Define Me Worksheet (optional).

Related online course: Strategies for Dealing with Aggressive and Violent Behaviours

Keywords: 1 on 1, anger, aggression, violence, violent behaviours, fights, law, crime, legal, substance, forgiveness, apology, counselling, support, wellbeing, empathy

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

I Really Messed Up This Time - Facilitator Guide

Learning intentions: The young person will...

  • ... feel acknowledged and supported
  • ... understand the potential consequences of their actions
  • ... process events
  • ... plan for their future
  • ... be aware of avenues for help-seeking and professional support.

Success criteria: The young person can…

  • ... access legal and/or counselling support
  • ... take responsibility for their actions and work through self-forgiveness
  • ... consider how they might make amends and make different choices in the future.

Facilitator notes:

The STOP the Coward Punch campaign
STOP the Coward Punch by Danny Green aims to eliminate the coward punch from society and save lives in the process. Since 2000, over 172 Australians have been killed by a coward punch and many more were injured. The coward punch leaves a devastating ripple through society, mentally and physically scarring family, friends and survivors for life. The STOP the Coward Punc

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Student Worksheet

This Won't Define Me - Worksheet

The Line

Write down events or actions below the line that are reversible or only have short to medium-term consequences.

Write down events or actions above the line that have permanent or long-term consequences. 




Where does this event lie?


Is there anything that you can do to move an above the line event or action to below the line?

What poor choices might push a below the line event to above the line?

Circles Of Trust

This 'circles of trust' activity can help you develop an awareness of your support network. You will need to have people who care about you around you as you go through the following few months or years. 

  • Write down the names of people you know who are 100% trustworthy in the inner circle.
  • Write the name of people you know who are mostly trustworthy in the second most inner circle. 
  • Continue adding names to each circle of people you can trust to varying amounts.
  • Finish by writing the nam
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