Activity Introduction

bananas-heroQuick summary: In this interactive whiteboard lesson students explore the impact climate change is having on Australia’s food and farmers. They distinguish the difference between floods and droughts in relation to climate change impacts. Students begin to think about the practical implications of climate change on food production specific to a familiar lunchbox staple, the humble banana.


This lesson has been created in partnership with WWF-Australia. Earth Hour is the world’s largest community-driven climate change campaign. At the centre of Earth Hour is switching off lights to show a commitment to taking action. Thousands of teachers use Earth Hour’s education program to enrich their curriculum and provide pathways for young people to create change in their world.

For the most up to date Earth Hour dates, times, and events, check here.

Requirements for this lesson: Interactive Whiteboard, Smart Notebook software.

In this lesson students will:

  • Students are able to define climate change
  • Students are able to understand the significance of Earth Hour and climate 
  • Students are able to distinguish the difference between flood and drought and 
how both are related to climate change
  • Students recognise some of the steps involved in banana production
  • Students recognise the different Australian states and are able to determine the 
main state for banana production
  • Students begin to recognise the effect of climate change on Australian 

Interactive components

  • Click to reveal
  • Rub and reveal
  • Interactive sharing techniques

Cross-curricular priorities: Sustainability

  • OI.3 – Sustainable patterns of living rely on the interdependence of healthy social, economic and ecological 
  • OI.6 – The sustainability of ecological, social and economic systems is achieved through informed individual and 
community action that values local and global equity and fairness across generations into the future.
  • OI.9 – Sustainable futures result from actions designed to preserve and/or restore the quality and uniqueness of 

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking.

Year levels: Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6

Supporting resources: Bananas and climate change in Australia fact sheet

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Banana Drama Smartboard v2 Lesson (Download)


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