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This factsheet contains everything you need to know about energy, as well as some useful links to continue your inquiry.


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Everything You Need To Know About Energy

Scientists describe energy as the power enabling a body or system (machine) to work. 

Energy is all around us. When you cook over a campfire you’re taking the stored energy in the wood you’re burning and transferring it to the food you’re about to eat in order to warm up that meal. 

There is energy in that food, too, which ultimately comes from the energy absorbed by plants from the sun (even if an animal had to eat that plant first and use the energy themselves. You can feel the energy of the sun when you feel the warmth of the sun on your back.

For 2019-20, Australian electricity was generated from (Source): 

  • 55 percent coal sources
  • 21 percent gas sources
  • 23 percent renewable sources, specifically;
    • 8 percent from solar 
    • 8 per cent from wind 
    • 6.4 per cent from hydro (water)


Electricity is a form of energy. We use this energy in almost every aspect of our lives, such as generating heat and lig

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