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Quick summary: In this factsheet, you will learn what to do when your child keeps being bullied or coerced by others.

Audience: Parents, caregivers, trusted adults.

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Teacher Worksheet

Parent Factsheet: What to do when your child keeps being bullied or coerced by others

Immediate Action

Talk gently to your child about how they feel about how others are treating them. Listen without judgement. Ask them about their friendships and relationships with others and who they feel safe with and who they don’t, and why.


If you notice your child doing things they might not ordinarily do, or being taken advantage of, there may be more going on behind the scenes. If your child is being pressured, bullied or coerced by others, intervention is needed. Whilst the behaviours may start out as small as asking your child to buy a sandwich for them or give them a pencil; over time, coercive or bullying behaviours can escalate into violence or sexual assault, which can have short and long-term devastating effects.

People who take advantage of, or bully, others will often target those who they perceive to be unable to stand up for themselves, such as people with special ne

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