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Quick summary: In this factsheet, you will learn what to do when you suspect your child is being groomed.

Audience: Parents, caregivers, trusted adults.

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Teacher Worksheet

Parent Factsheet: What to do when you suspect your child is being groomed

Immediate Action

Please stay calm. We understand this can be emotional and difficult to deal with but abrupt reactions can lead to closed lines of communication. It is important to get the facts rather than jumping to conclusions. Contact your local police if you suspect your child is a victim of grooming and call Triple Zero (000) if you believe your child is in immediate danger.


Grooming is when an adult initiates contact with a child in a friendly and trusting manner with their intention being to instil curiosity about sex and to engage in sexual behaviours with the child. This can occur online or in person and often involves the development of an emotional connection. They will use a range of strategies to reinforce their connection with the child, including both pleasant and uncomfortable interactions and experiences. The adult will demand secrecy and can become controlling, violent or manipu

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