Activity Introduction

Quick summary: In this factsheet, you will learn what to do when your child has (been) asked to meet face to face with someone they have only met online.

Audience: Parents, caregivers, trusted adults.

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Teacher Worksheet

Parent Factsheet: What to do when your child has (been) asked to meet face to face with someone they have only met online

Immediate Action

Calmly remind your child that while most people are friendly, not everyone online is who they say they are. Gather information about the online friend and make a decision together. If you decide it’s ok to meet this person, set some boundaries, such as, a trusted adult must be with you and it must be in a public place.


For safety reasons, It is recommended to keep online ‘friends’ online, but if your child does want to meet someone face to face, it is essential for them to speak to a trusted adult first. As your children navigate new experiences, parents/carers need to continue setting boundaries and guide them to make safe choices.

The safest place to meet an online friend is in public during the day, accompanied by a trusted adult. At the very least, a young person should always tell someone where they are going and who they ar

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