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The singing clownfishQuick summary: This School Facilitation Guide will support teachers and school leaders in delivering a whole-school approach to eSafety. It encompasses notes on how to best deliver the eSafety for Kids unit of work in your school, along with guides for getting the community and parents/caregivers involved in the process. It is designed to work alongside the Take It Home Resource Pack, which can be provided directly to parents/caregivers. 

This guide is designed to accompany the eSafety For Kids in-class lessons, as follows:

  1. Know The Internet
  2. You Decide
  3. Feeling Fishy Online
  4. Express Yourself Safely
  5. My Social Brain
  6. Cleaning Up

School staff and parents/caregivers can find additional support by undertaking the free online course, Teaching Consent to Children and referring to the scenario-specific Teacher Factsheets and/or Parent Factsheets.

The eSafety for Kids education package was developed in consultation with a team of experts, including a child and adolescent psychologist, education specialist, teachers, parents and in reference to the latest research and guidelines (at time of publication). It is designed to align with the recommendations in the Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education (eSafety Commissioner).

The images for this eSafety for Kids package are sourced from The Tweeting Galah book series and used with permission from Kim Maslin.

Learning intentions:

  • Teachers and school leaders will understand the importance of addressing issues surrounding child sexual exploitation and the prevalence of it
  • Teachers and school leaders will understand the importance of using an empowerment focused approach to eSafety
  • Teachers and school leaders will know how they can work with their wider school community whilst delivering the eSafety For Kids unit of work
  • Teachers and school leaders will be able to support parents/caregivers and interested community members in better understanding how to work with children to reduce the risk of child sexual exploitation
  • Teachers and school leaders will develop confidence in relevant vocabulary and technologies.

Topic: Health & Wellbeing

This guide is part of the wider educational package, eSafety For Kids.

Related professional development: Teaching Consent to Children.

Level of facilitator scaffolding: Medium – deliver presentations to staff and the community and respond to questions. There may be some additional scaffolding required for those needing support with digital literacy. We recommend you seek support from your school IT department, librarians and/or translators.

Resources required:

Keywords: school, facilitation, eSafety, child sexual exploitation, grooming, online safety, community engagement, whole-school approach

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

galah parent explaining

School Facilitation Guide

About eSafety for Kids

As you know, years 5 & 6 is an interesting time for kids as they start facing a swathe of changes as a result of puberty. As their bodies and hormones change, so do their brains. At this age, they’re wired to take more risks, try new things and reach out to new people.

This makes this age group particularly vulnerable to online risks. That’s why we’ve created this package of resources to help schools, parents/caregivers and kids create safer environments for them to live, learn and play in.

The eSafety for Kids package has been designed to empower young people to take control of their safety and encourage them to be more responsible and respectful in their interactions with others. It uses a harm-minimisation approach, rather than seeking to frighten students into avoiding particular online interactions altogether. Used correctly, these resources will give students the language and tools they need to monitor their digital worlds an

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