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Quick summary: In this factsheet, you will learn what to do when students are having conversations about sex that seem age-inappropriate.

Audience: Teachers, school leaders and wellbeing staff.

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Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Factsheet: What to do when students are having conversations about sex that seem age-inappropriate

Immediate Action

Stay calm, avoid shaming language/tone and redirect the conversation, perhaps by introducing a different topic or activity. Afterwards, do your research and consider the individual context and circumstances of the involved students before addressing the behaviour with them directly.


It is important for educators to be mindful that thinking about and discussing sex is a healthy part of a child’s normal development and learning. Children will become more curious about sex as they grow older but if you observe anything that appears to be age-inappropriate or concerning, it might be necessary to address the situation. Your primary role as a teacher is to ensure the safety of all students and for some, this may mean protecting them from certain sexual conversations and/or content. Sometimes, it may also involve clearing up any misinformation or misunder

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