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Quick summary: In this factsheet, you will learn what to do when a students are playing games that could be harmful, sexual or undermine consent.

Audience: Teachers, school leaders and wellbeing staff.

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Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Factsheet: What to do when students are playing games that could be harmful, sexual or undermine consent

Immediate Action

Students developmentally become more curious about sex as they grow older, but if you observe anything that appears to be harmful, sexually inappropriate or undermines consent, you must act upon your duty of care and support your students’ wellbeing.


It is important for educators to be mindful that sexual behaviours are a part of young people’s normal development and learning. When adults reflect this understanding in the way they respond to sexual behaviour, they make an important contribution to children's and young people’s healthy sexual development.

If you observe problematic sexualised behaviour within a game it is important to calmly shut it down and ask students to speak to you or a trusted adult about what was happening. Continue to record and report the incident appropriately.

All students deserve to feel safe at school and games

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