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Quick summary: In this factsheet, you will learn what to do when a student has asked to connect with you on social media or gaming platforms.

Audience: Teachers, school leaders and wellbeing staff.

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Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Factsheet: What to do when a student has asked to connect with you on social media or gaming platforms

Immediate Action

Before you respond to a personal request from a student online, it is important to clarify your individual school’s social media policy. Clear student-teacher boundaries are critical for a safe and predictable relationship and each school may respond to this differently according to their school community. Taking the time to carefully consider how to respond will help to protect yourself, your colleagues and your students.


The Victorian Department of Education recommends that employees in schools do not add or accept a student to a personal social networking site as a ‘friend’ as a blanket rule. However, each school/jurisdiction has a different policy and you might like to discuss this scenario further with your principal.

While there are policies for social media use in schools, some teachers may personally feel uncomfortable being friends wi

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