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Quick summary: In this factsheet, you will learn what to do when a student has been touching themself sexually in front of other students.

Audience: Teachers, school leaders and wellbeing staff.

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Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Factsheet: What to do when a student has been touching themself sexually in front of other students

Immediate Action

Calmly acknowledge that masturbation is a normal behaviour; however, enacted in inappropriate settings and times is a concern. Make contact with appropriate support people to help the student with their behaviour and ensure the wellbeing of all other students involved is managed appropriately.


According to the birth to 18-year-old sexual behaviour guide, masturbating in public is a serious concern and intervention must occur.

It is important to acknowledge that problem sexual behaviour can sometimes stem from a student being affected by trauma or physical or sexual abuse. Students who struggle to understand social norms, such as those with certain disabilities may demonstrate problem sexual behaviours without having experienced trauma or abuse and will require education around the behaviour.

Students who witness this behaviour are likely to fe

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