Activity Introduction

Module: Water

Year levels: 9 and 10

Activity details: Students examine websites produced by government, water companies and water authorities responsible for supplying water for their area. Using a number of criteria, they compare and evaluate how effective the websites are at helping and encouraging people to not waste water.

Learning goals for this activity include:

1. Develop criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of a website to communicate water conservation strategies.

2. Compare the effectiveness of different websites.

3. Distinguish between business or government marketing and branding and effective water education programs.

4. Describe what is in a good water education program.

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor

Duration of activity: 50 mins

Learning areas addressed: Geography, ICT, Civics and citizenship.

Teacher input: Assist students with research and engage students in a discussion around their results.

Resources needed: Internet and writing materials.

Homework and extension opportunities: This activity can be partly done as homework.


Teacher Worksheet


There are many different websites that promote water conservation. There are likely to be several aimed at the people living in the student’s area. These websites belong to State Government, water authorities and water companies that sell the water. There are also not-for-profit groups that have water conservation material on the web.

Activity outline

Students will be evaluating and comparing water conservation websites. They will:

  • Develop criteria for evaluating a website
  • Identify a number of websites that are aimed at people living in the local community
  • Discuss how sincere they think the website is
  • Use the criteria to evaluate several websites
  • Choose their preference for a website explaining why they think it is better than other websites.


Develop a set of criteria that can be used to evaluate the website. Decide how students will mark the criteria e.g., 1 to 3 or 1 to 5, the highest number is the best evaluation. Examples of criteria are:


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