Activity Introduction

The Fanfare Competition

Fanfare encourages young people aged 12‐21 years to write a new work to be recorded by the Australian Youth Orchestra and played at venues across Australia to replace the ‘cue bells’ for audiences to take their seats. Students are to write a short 30 second attention grabbing piece of music. The composition is to be written in short score form indicating the instrumentation, and students are to submit their favourite four (4) bars in full orchestration. The eight selected participants will work with professional composers, as well as the Australian Youth Orchestra and a leading conductor to refine their compositions. The works will then be pre-recorded and played at venues across Australia. Each month a different fanfare will be played. Students are encouraged to let their imagination run wild! For more information and how to enter Fanfare see the Fanfare Competition website.

The Fanfare Competition DIY Student Toolkit

The Fanfare Competition DIY Student Toolkit provides your students with all the information they need to create an attention-grabbing 30 second piece of music for the Fanfare Competition.

It will support your students to be creative and imaginative when developing, organising and refining their ideas. It will also build their understanding of orchestral score conventions and short score composing by checking out past examples of winning fanfare entries.

As well as short written activities that will help students build skills, there are reflection questions that will help shape their ideas. There are also lots of links to YouTube clips of music and composers that students can listen to for further inspiration and skill building.

Students do not need to complete all the activities; it is not meant as a step-by-step guide but as a toolkit for them to build ideas and practice turning some of these ideas into musical elements.

Encourage students to pick and choose the tool they need to help inspire them to create a piece of music that draws attention and tells their story.

This DIY Student Toolkit is divided into the following sections:

  • Part 1 – Background Information
  • Part 2 – Gathering Ideas
  • Part 3 – Creating and Developing your Fanfare
  • Part 4 – Orchestration
  • Part 5 – Glossary of Terms

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