Activity Introduction

Quick summary: Change can be hard, but not changing can be even harder the longer we allow things to stay not quite how we’d like them to be. Everyone is capable of improving themselves, whether building on strengths, mitigating weaknesses, or developing an entirely new aspect of ourselves.

This lesson provides students with significant scaffolding to enable them to identify and set goals and to plan and stick to a routine that works towards the achievement of these goals. Students will also compare and contrast positive and negative mindsets, and explore how they can adjust their inner voice to overcome demotivating talk. They will come to understand that change doesn’t happen all at once; but with perseverance and a clear strategy of gradual improvement, change can and will happen eventually.

The health and fitness-related tasks undertaken throughout the Volkswagen Footy Fit Challenge lessons are gamified, providing incentivised learning opportunities and allowing for some personalisation. Therefore, we recommend students complete the full Volkswagen Footy Fit Challenge unit to benefit from the full experience, completing this lesson first.

The Volkswagen Footy Fit Challenge is a unit of work designed in collaboration with the Sydney Swans to promote health and wellbeing amongst students in years 3 to 6. It is designed to align with, and provide further depth to, the in-schools Volkswagen Footy Fit program for years 2 to 6.

Learning intentions:

  • Students will critically evaluate aspects of their life they may wish to change
  • Students will explore goal-setting strategies
  • Students will practise persistence in pursuit of a goal
  • Students will identify negative mindsets they may possess
  • Students will explore positive self-talk they can use to counter this negativity.

21st century skills: 

Critical ThinkingEmpathyFlexibilityInitiativeProblem Solving

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions: 

Year 3 & 4 Health and Physical Education

  • Explore how success, challenge and failure strengthen identities (ACPPS033)
  • Explore strategies to manage physical, social and emotional change (ACPPS034)
  • Identify and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS036)

Year 5 & 6 Health and Physical Education

  • Plan and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS054)

Syllabus outcomes: GDS2.9, PHS2.12, PHS2.12, SLS2.13, SLS2.13

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability

Relevant parts of Years 3 & 4 achievement standards:
Students recognise strategies for managing change. They understand the benefits of being healthy and physically active.

Relevant parts of Years 5 & 6 achievement standards:
Students describe the key features of health-related fitness and the significance of physical activity participation to health and wellbeing.

Topic: Health & Wellbeing

This lesson is part of the wider unit of work Volkswagen Footy Fit Challenge – HPE – Years 3-6

Time required: 60 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Low – students work independently.

Resources required:

Keywords: habit, persistence, goal-setting, positive mindset, motivation, Sydney Swans, AFL, footy, fitness, Volkswagen, Footy Fit.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Preparation

Learning intentions: Students will…

  • … critically evaluate aspects of their life they may wish to change
  • … explore goal-setting strategies
  • … practise persistence in pursuit of a goal
  • … identify negative mindsets they may possess
  • … explore positive self-talk they can use to counter this negativity.

Success criteria: Students can…

  • … identify areas of improvement in their lives
  • … set achievable goals
  • … identify and practise strategies which help them achieve these goals
  • … identify and plan how to overcome potential negative impacts on their motivation.

Teacher content information:

Volkswagen Footy Fit
Volkswagen Footy Fit is an evolution of the Volkswagen Swansfit program, which was established in 2017 and reached over 17,000 students across NSW.

Volkswagen Footy Fit is a school fitness program targeting primary school students across years 2 to 6. The program is conducted by Sydney Swans players and community staff in schools across

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Student Worksheet

Footy Fit - Routines and Habits


What are three actions you could perform daily to improve yourself or your community?

  1. .

  2. .


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