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Teacher Worksheet

2Teacher preparation

Overarching  learning  goals: This lesson is designed to walk students through a step-by-step procedure that will culminate in the hosting a team-based Garage Sale event or their own individual event.

Note: Teachers will need to obtain permission from school authorities to proceed with the planned Garage Sale, wherever it is held. Families should be advised of preparations and permission for each student’s involvement must be documented. Schools should encourage parental helpers to become involved in the event.

Teacher content information:

The Garage Sale Trail  is a national day of simultaneous garage sales that’s about making sustainability fun and creative! By organising communities around Australia to hold garage sales on the same day, the event aims to enable new neighbourly connections, provide a platform for fundraising, inspire creativity,  stimulating local economies, promote the reuse of materials and keep stuff out of landfill.  

The  Garage Sale T


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

Student Worksheet

GST22-heroPlanning Document 1 - Getting organised

Work through each planning point by reading and discussing them within your group. Make notes for your own reference.

  • Obtain permission

The first step in the planning process is to ask your parents or care-givers for their permission to host a garage sale. You should only sell items that are yours, obviously! But to make the garage sale a greater success, offer to sell things belonging to other people in the household for them. If you do this, ensure that you keep an accurate record of which items belong to each contributor and consult with them on pricing. You could also ask neighbours, friends and relatives if they have anything they want you to add to the stock for sale. Make sure you ask permission to sort through rooms, sheds and stored things if they are not yours.

Permissions needed: 


  • Find a suitable venue

You will need to work within your group to identify a suitable place to host your garage sale – a garage is ideal and


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

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