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Teacher Worksheet

GST5-heroTeacher preparation

Overarching learning goals: This lesson is designed to walk students through a step-by-step procedure that will culminate in the hosting a team-based Garage Sale event or their own individual event.

Note: Teachers will need to obtain permission from school authorities to proceed with the planned Garage Sale, wherever it is held. Families should be advised of preparations and permission for each student’s involvement must be documented. Schools should encourage parental helpers to become involved in the event.

Teacher content information:

The Garage Sale Trail  is a national day of simultaneous garage sales that’s about making sustainability fun and creative! By organising communities around Australia to hold garage sales on the same day, the event aims to enable new neighbourly connections, provide a platform for fundraising, inspire creativity,  stimulating local economies, promote the reuse of materials and keep stuff out of landfill.  

The  Garage Sale Tra


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

Student Worksheet

GST25-heroPlanning Document 2 - Taking Action

 Work through each planning point by reading and discussing them within your group. Make notes for your own reference.

  • Collect display tables and equipment

Find tables that can be moved to the sale location and work out how much space you will need to display all of your items so they can easily be seen and handled by customers. Keep table displays around waist height for easy access. When you run out of table space, the floor can be used in a pinch. Old carpet pieces, floor rugs, blankets, tarps or tablecloths can be laid out to display soft furnishings, stuffed toys, clothing and delicate items.


  • Create your display

Ask an adult to help you make space in your garage or the space you have chosen to use to host your sale. Bring out the tables or other furniture items you intend to use. Lay out floor coverings or other fabrics in a configuration that enables customers to walk among the displays without treading on things. Systematically


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

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