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Teacher Worksheet

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Overarching learning goals: This lesson is designed to introduce the  Garage Sale Trail  event and concept to students. Teachers can use the video and graphic resources to stimulate students’ interest in the topic. The goal of this introductory phase is to help students tune in to the issues of consumerism, wastage and over-consumption and presents practical activities they can undertake to help make a difference.   

 Teacher content information:

Video:  Garage Sale Trail Community Service Announcement.

The Garage Sale Trail  is a national day of simultaneous garage sales that’s about making sustainability fun and creative! By organising communities around Australia to hold garage sales on the same day, the event aims to enable new neighbourly connections, provide a platform for fundraising, inspire creativity, stimulate local economies, promote the reuse of materials and keep stuff out of landfill.  

The  Garage Sale Trail  is a not-for-profit organisation tha


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

Student Worksheet

Thought starter: What happens to stuff when we throw it away?

The  Garage Sale Trail   is a not-for-profit  organisation that works with the government, schools and community groups to inspire social and environmental change. Communities around Australia are encouraged to hold garage sales on the same day in order to promote the reuse of materials and to keep stuff out of landfill.  Last year’s event involved over 100 Councils Australia-wide, 7000 sales nationally,  360,000 participants and more than 35,000 sellers. 

Watch the following video to learn a little more about the Garage Sale Trail.  

Today Tonight Perth WA -- Garage Sale Trail -- 23RD OCT 2013 from Garage Sale Trail on Vimeo.

Reselling Resources 

Think of two items that you own but no longer want to keep. Complete the activities by writing in the spaces provided.





Make  a sketch of the item in the space below.  








Describe how you came to own this item. 




This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

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