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Teacher Worksheet

GST8-heroTeacher preparation

Overarching  learning  goals: 

This pair of lessons helps teachers to walk students through a step-by-step procedure that will culminate in the hosting of a team-based Garage Sale event.

Note: Teachers will need to obtain permission from school authorities to proceed with the planned Garage Sale, wherever it is held. Families should be advised of preparations and permission for each student’s involvement must be documented. Schools should encourage parental helpers to become involved in the event. Teachers should decide on a suitable venue before the classroom planning begins in earnest. Teachers might choose to encourage students to donate profits from the sale to a school or community project of importance to them.

Teacher content information:

The Garage Sale Trail  is a national day of simultaneous garage sales that’s about making sustainability fun and creative!  By organising communities around Australia to hold garage  sales on the same day, the event a


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

Student Worksheet

GST19-heroRunning a Garage Sale:  
Planning Document 2 -
Getting organised


Take the initiative and see how well you can organise your group to take responsibility for one of the following tasks:


1. Label Your Items

As a class, decide on fair prices for each of the sale items and clearly label them. Removable stickers are good to use for this task. It is a wise idea to limit your lowest price point to 50 cents. The handling of cash and totalling of prices can be kept simple by pricing everything in whole and half dollars, with the smallest, cheapest items at 50 cents.

Use sticky labels to mark groups of items with the prices the class has decided upon. Document these prices on your price list. Cardboard or paper signs can also be laid on the table or taped onto containers.


2. Arrange Signage

Make some large signs to advertise your sale. The bigger the signs, the more easily people will be able to see them. Make sure it is fully within the boundaries of the property and not on the foo


This lesson is under development and will be launched shortly. Please check back soon.

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