Activity Introduction

Quick summary: This lesson explores key themes showcased in the AFLW ‘Player Stories’ vlog-doc: ‘A New Hero – Sabrina Frederick-Traub’. Students will complete a ‘Think-Pair-Share’ visible thinking routine to establish what they understand about identity, then view ‘A Strong Foundation’ and frame their viewpoints about stereotypes by responding in groups to a set of prompts. Students will share their understanding of gender stereotypes in a ‘Stand on the line’ activity, then work with their peers to identify the ways Sabrina overcame the stereotypes she faced as a female Australian rules footballer. 


This lesson has been developed in conjunction with the AFLW in celebration of the advancement of women in sport and the promotion of equal opportunity for all people in all facets of life.


Learning intentions:

  • Students understand stereotypes and stereotypical thinking.
  • Students identify stereotypes as an influencer of identity.
  • Students identify strategies to overcome stereotypes.

21st century skills:

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions: 

Year 9 & 10 Health and Physical Education

  • Evaluate factors that shape identities and critically analyse how individuals impact the identities of others (ACPPS089
  • Investigate how empathy and ethical decision making contribute to respectful relationships (ACPPS093

Syllabus outcomes: PDHPE 5.1, 5.3, 5.11, 5.13.

Relevant parts of Year 9 & 10 HPE achievement standards: Students critically analyse contextual factors that influence identities, relationships, decisions and behaviours. They analyse the impact attitudes and beliefs about diversity have on community connection and wellbeing. They apply decision-making and problem-solving skills when taking action to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing.

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capacity.

Topic: Social Issues.

Unit of work: AFLW – HPE.

Time required: 60 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – facilitate class discussion.

Resources required: Student Worksheets – printed, one copy per student. Device capable of presenting a video to the class. Chalk-Talk visible thinking routine prompts (printed, enough for one per group of 3-4). ‘Strongly agree’ and ‘Strongly disagree’ signs, printed. Blu-Tack. Mind-Map: Strategies to Overcome Stereotypes (printed, enough for one per group of 3-4).

Keywords: AFLW, stereotype, societal norms, expectations, adversity, resilience, strategies.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.

© Cool Australia and the Australian Football League


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Preparation

Learning intentions:

  • Students understand stereotypes and stereotypical thinking.
  • Students identify stereotypes as an influencer of identity.
  • Students identify strategies to overcome stereotypes.

Success criteria: Students can…

  • ... discuss the relationship between stereotypes and identity.
  • … recognise strategies for overcoming stereotypes.


Teacher content information:

Creating the AFL Women's League | Jan Cooper

Without recognition women lose their history. They do these extraordinary things, and then they are forgotten and denied to ever have existed, so women keep reinventing the wheel.
– Dr. Marjorie Snyder, the Senior Director of Research at the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Introducing AFLW
In 2015, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan announced that the AFL would launch a national women’s competition, fast-tracking plans from 2020 to 2017. This wasn’t only a courageous moment for the game and the wider sports indust

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Student Worksheet

Thought starter: “You can create your own identity”

1. Complete the ‘Think-Pair-Share’ visible thinking routine to explore your understanding of ‘identity’.


Identity is…

Identity is influenced by...


2. Watch ‘A New Hero -Sabrina Frederick Traub' Episode 1: 'A Strong Foundation’ then read through the text linked to the clip.

Note: You will need to scroll down the webpage to find Episode 1: ‘A Strong Foundation’ and associated text. 

Form pairs and discuss the following questions, noting the key points of discussion:

  • What are some things that you noticed about Sabrina’s identity?

  • What did you see in the clip that could have shaped her identity?


Complete the following reflection:

A stereotype that could influence my own identity is... 

I could begin to change this by… 

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