Activity Introduction

Quick summary: We have a complex relationship with our mobile phones that is more than screen deep. Mobile phone use and the impact it has had upon society is a is a contemporary social issue with far-reaching effects on our community’s safety, health and wellbeing. In this lesson, students will gain a basic understanding of what a community health, safety and wellbeing campaign is and view a number of commercials from some well-known Australian campaigns. Students will relate their understanding to It’s People Like Us, the associated clip Nothing Short of Diabolical and the Towards Zero campaign, then evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Students reflect on their learning by completing the ‘Connect-Extend-Challenge’ visible thinking routine.


It’s People Like Us is a documentary film created as part of the Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) Towards Zero road safety strategy. It explores society’s relationship with mobile phones – especially the use of them while driving – and the responsibility that we all have to keep ourselves and each other safe on the roads.


Learning intentions:

  • Students understand what a health, safety and/or wellbeing campaign is.
  • Students are able to identify the key messages in a health, safety and/or wellbeing campaign.

21st century skills:

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions: 

Year 9 & 10 Health and Physical Education

  • Plan, implement and critique strategies to enhance health, safety and wellbeing of their communities. (ACPPS096)

Relevant parts of Year 9 & 10 achievement standards: Students access, synthesise and apply health information from credible sources to propose and justify responses to health situations.

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability.

Topic: Social Issues.

Unit of work: It’s People Like Us – Health and Physical Education.

Time required: 90 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – support students to understand complex concepts.

Resources required: Student Worksheets – (printed) one copy per student. Device capable of presenting a video to the class. 

Keywords: audience, distractions, documentary film, driver training, evaluate, health, safety and wellbeing campaign, It’s People Like Us, message, media, mobile phones, multitasking, personal reflection, personal responsibility, positive choices, road safety, wellbeing, young people.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Preparation

Learning intentions:

  • Students understand what a health, safety and/or wellbeing campaign is.
  • Students are able to identify the key messages in a health, safety and/or wellbeing campaign.

Success criteria:

  • Students provide an example of a health, safety and/or wellbeing campaign.
  • Students identify the key message of the It’s People Like Us campaign.
  • Students rate the effectiveness of the It’s People Like Us campaign and provide reasons.

Teacher content information: By the end of today, most of us will have checked our phones over 150 times: on the toilet, in the car or at the dinner table. But, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves - is there a time and a place? Is our mobile phone use affecting our health and wellbeing?

It’s People Like Us is a 22 minute documentary that follows five real Australians who, just like us, have found themselves drawn into their screens, sometimes at the expense of common sense and self preservation.

The document

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Student Worksheet

Thought Starter: A safe road network is a shared responsibility in which all of us play an important part. By acting in a safe manner we can protect ourselves, and protect those around us.

1. A health campaign aims to improve people’s health, safety and wellbeing by educating them about how to be healthy, as well as suggesting ways to make real change to their lives so that they can be healthier.

(Source: accessed online 16 November 2017)

Health, safety and wellbeing messages can be promoted through various media (including television, radio, billboards, etc.) as well as through arts, music, sport, online or any other forum where people share information.

2. Watch Nothing Short of Diabolical (2:07)

It's People Like Us | Nothing Short of Diabolical (

Summarise your understanding of the video by responding to the questions below.

Describe the key messages featured in the video.

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