Activity Introduction

Create your own deck of flashcards to help you learn about different kinds of energy generation, then play a fun matching game.

This is a good activity for kids to complete independently or with a partner.

Ideal for: Upper Primary Ages 10 – 12


  • investigate
  • be creative

Time required: 30 minutes

Curriculum connections: Science, Visual Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking

Tips for Parents and Carers

For the first part of the activity, find one object or image that relates to biodiversity. You will use this object or image to stimulate discussions with your kid/s. Examples of objects or images could include:

  • A picture of an animal or a toy animal
  • A leaf or a twig
  • A rock or shell
  • A picture of a place you have visited in nature, like a beach or forest
  • A feather
  • A nut or seed

Some kids will be able to work on the remainder of this activity with minimal support but younger kids will need guidance to complete this activity.

Lesson & Curriculum Details

Curriculum codes:

Complete lesson for classroom teachers:

It’s all About Energy – Game

Resources Required

  • Coloured pencils or markers
  • Glue
  • A device
  • Scissors
  • White paper or card template

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Student Worksheet

Energy Memory Game - Activity Instructions

Create your own deck of flashcards to help you learn about different kinds of energy generation, then play a fun matching game.

Part A: Creating The Cards

Step 1. Using the internet, look up each of the words below so that you have a good understanding of what they are, what they look like and how they work.















Step 2. On the cards below, draw a representation of the energy-producing method. You will need to draw two versions so you have a matching pair. If you’re working with a partner, draw one each.

Part B: Playing The Game

Step 1. Shuffle the cards and lay them all out face down.

Step 2. When it’s your turn, flip over two cards. If they match, keep the cards. If they don’t, flip them back face down. Then it’s your partner’s turn.

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