Activity Introduction

Playing with stickers is just about the most fun activity in the world. Here’s a quick and easy game to see how precise you can be! 

Some children will be able to work on this activity with minimal support after a parent/caregiver sets it up for them.

Ideal for: Early Learning Ages 3-4


  • investigate 
  • playtime 
  • brain teasers 
  • chill time 
  • be creative 

Time required: 20 minutes 

Curriculum connections: The Arts, Craft, Critical and Creative Thinking

Tips for Parents and Carers

The set up for this activity is super easy and will fascinate your kid/s as they try to get their sticker within the shape provided! For younger ages, you could make the outline much bigger than the actual sticker, and as they get better, make the outline a little bit smaller so that the difficulty level increases as they get better.

Lesson & Curriculum Details

Curriculum codes:

Resources Required

  • Paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Stickers

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Student Worksheet

Place The Sticker - Activity Instructions

Playing with stickers is just about the most fun activity in the world. Here’s a quick and easy game to see how precise you can be!

Step 1. Get your parents/caregivers to draw the outline of the sticker on a sheet of paper with a pen. They might draw some outlines that are much bigger than the shape of the sticker, down to just the right size of the sticker to add an increasing challenge to the activity.

Step 2. Give the sticker sheet to the child and let them peel off the sticker and try to place the sticker within the outline of the shape drawn on the piece of paper. How did they do? Keep trying until they can get it exactly right!

Taking It Further

You could try drawing the outline for your sibling or friend and then swap sheets. 


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