Activity Introduction

Consumption toys hero.jpgQuick summary: In this activity students are encouraged to develop the value of personal contribution to the community and take an active part in making a difference to that community. They learn about product stewardship and themes around the importance of looking after, nurturing and taking responsibility for the environment are explored. 

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Learning goals:

  • Students understand the role and impact of resource use;
  • Students begin to take responsibility for unwanted resources;
  • Students research the concept of product stewardship.

General Capabilities: Literacy, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capabilities.

Australian Curriculum content description:

Year 9 & 10 Design and Technology

  • Critically analyse factors, including social, ethical and sustainability considerations, that impact on designed solutions for global preferred futures and the complex design and production processes involved (ACTDEK040)
  • Explain how products, services and environments evolve with consideration of preferred futures and the impact of emerging technologies on design decisions (ACTDEK041)

Year 9 Geography:

  • The effects of the production and consumption of goods on places and environments throughout the world and including a country from North-East Asia (ACHGK068)

Year 10 Geography:

  • The environmental worldviews of people and their implications for environmental management (ACHGK071)

Syllabus Outcomes: GE4-2, GE4-3, GE4-4, GE4-5, GE5-4D&T5.3.1, D&T5.3.2, D&T5.2.1

Topic: Consumption, National Recycling Week

Time required: 2 – 4 lessons

Resources required:

  1. Fact Sheet: Product Stewardship
  2. Product stewardship act
  3. Go !Animate : online video presentation tool
  4. Computer access.

Digital learning opportunities: Digital sharing capabilities, Interactive whiteboard (IWB), online video presentation tool.

Homework and extension opportunities: Ask students to describe an environment which is special to them, consider its attributes and what the future holds.

Keywords: Waste, litter, e-waste, mobile phone, consumption, MobileMuster.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Cute dolls in exhibitionTeacher preparation:

Overarching learning goal: Students begin to appreciate the value of personal contribution to the community and take an active part in making a difference to that community. Within the module the term 'product stewardship' is introduced and the importance of looking after, nurturing and taking responsibility for the environment is explored. The module presents the essential knowledge required for learning about sustainability.

Teacher content information: These MobileMuster lessons cover the life cycle of mobile phones and look at issues relating to the materials used in mobile phones, problems associated with re-use and systems for managing and recycling mobile phone waste. It is hoped that the knowledge gained through the MobileMuster learning modules will increase student’s knowledge, engagement, critical thinking and commitment to living in a sustainable society. MobileMuster Teachers Guide

Student and classroom organisation:

Step 1: Introduce the term pr

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Student Worksheet

Thought Starter: What if resources were like pets and had special people to look after them?

Product Stewardship Questions:

How can we help care for the environment?

What do you think might happen to the world and in the world if people were more careful with their resources?

What is product stewardship?
Why is product stewardship important?

Product Stewardship Act 2011

'The Product Stewardship Act 2011 provides the framework to effectively manage the environmental, health and safety impacts of products, and in particular those impacts associated with the disposal of products.' (

In your own words explain the Product Stewardship Act 2011, including why we need it and how it will work.

Activity: Create a presentation promoting a Product Stewardship Program.

Research a product stewardship program and answer the questions below. Create a ‘Go!Animate’ video that presents

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