Activity Introduction

television-waste-heroQuick summary: In this lesson, students will work with information about ‘closing the loop’ in the life cycles of consumer products through waste recovery and recycling. This lesson meets selected Australian Curriculum outcomes for Years 3 and 4 in the subject of Design and Technologies.

This lesson has been developed as part of the Schools Recycle Right Challenge for Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week. Register your lesson or other activities so they can be counted towards the national achievement and to receive other free support materials.


Learning intentions:

  • Students will become familiar with the term ‘closing the loop’ as it relates to production processes.
  • Students will use their pre-existing knowledge and skills to engage with online resources.

21st century skills: 

 CommunicatingCritical Thinking   

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Years 3 & 4 Design and Technologies

  • Recognise the role of people in design and technologies occupations and explore factors, including sustainability that impact on the design of products, services and environments to meet community needs (ACTDEK010)
  • Evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions based on criteria for success developed with guidance and including care for the environment (ACTDEP017)

Syllabus Outcomes: ST2-11LW, ST2-14BE, ST2-15I, ST2-16P.

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and creative thinking.

Time needed: 60 minutes.

Resources required: Internet, Student Worksheet, Closing the loop Resource Sheet.

Key words: National Recycling Week, Resources, Rubbish, Re-using, Recycling.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Preparation

What you will need: For this lesson teachers will need to book into the school’s computer lab. Alternatively, students may use their own devices to access the websites referenced in this lesson. Teachers should make copies of the Student Worksheet or have students use the online Student Worksheet. Teachers can present the information provided on the Resource Sheet in any manner they choose. For the extension activity, A3 paper will be needed, one sheet per student. Students should be equipped with coloured pens, pencils and textas to use.

Teacher content information: Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week started in 1996 to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling. This highly regarded annual campaign continues to educate and stimulate behaviour change by promoting kerbside, industrial and community recycling initiative. It also gives people the tools to minimise waste and manage material resources responsibly at home, work and school.


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Student Worksheet

Thought Starter: What are the 4Rs?

Getting acquainted with some Aussie recycling heroes

Mobile Muster is the Australian mobile phone industry’s official recycling program. It is a not-for-profit organisation. Check them out! Tech Collect is a free national recycling service for computers, computer accessories and TVs (e-waste). It is a not-for-profit  group. Check them out! Cartridges For Planet Ark (C4PA) is a recycling program that provides Australians with a way to recycle their used printer cartridges. Check them out!


Set A: Navigate to this page in Mobile Muster’s website and answer these questions in the spaces provided:

1. Create three questions that the information on "The Recycling Process" would answer: 

2. List three things that you now know after reading the information:

3. Summarise one thing from "The Recycling Process" that confirmed something you already knew: 

Now, go to the Fast Facts page of the

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