Activity Introduction

assessment-coolaustralia-hero-260x300Introduction: Peer assessment is a process where students can give valuable feedback based on a teacher’s benchmarks. This method of assessment can be employed to improve students’ understanding of content as well as their metacognitive skills. During communication projects students share their new understandings to their peers and receive personalised feedback based on criteria.

Key words: assessment, peer assessment, rubric, presentation, communication.


Teacher Worksheet

kidsInstructions: This peer-assessment rubric can be used to assess writing projects from this unit of work. Use the 'Classroom Share' feature to send the Student Worksheet to your students. They can fill it in online and then send it back to your personal dashboard.

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Student Worksheet

Name of student whose work you are assessing:


Use the table below to assess the piece you are looking at:




  • The main idea or story sequence is clear.
  • The piece fulfils its purpose and is appropriate to its intended audience.
  • Ideas or events are presented in an effective order.
  • The writing has unity and coherence.


  • The title clearly relates to the article.
  • The opening paragraphs engage the reader’s attention.
  • All details are clearly related to the topic.
  • Details are sufficient and appropriate.
  • Word choice enhances the writing.


Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

  • The writing is free of misspellings, and words are capitalised correctly.
  • Sentences are punctuated correctly, and the piece is free of fragments.
  • Standard English conventions are used.
  • The piece is presented in a neat, legible and appropriate format.

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