Activity Introduction

Introduction: Peer assessment is a process where students can give valuable feedback based on a teacher’s benchmarks. This method of assessment can be employed to improve students’ understanding of content as well as their metacognitive skills. During communication projects students share their new understandings to their peers and receive personalised feedback based on criteria.

Key words: assessment, peer assessment, rubric, presentation, communication.


Teacher Worksheet

Instructions: This peer-assessment rubric can be used to assess communication projects from this unit of work. Use the 'Classroom Share' feature to send the Student Worksheet to your students. They can fill it in online and then send it back to your personal dashboard.

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Student Worksheet

Name of student(s) presenting:


Put a star (*) next to the criteria point that applies to the presenter.


Needs work



1. The presenter was well prepared and organised

2. The presenter communicated in a clear and concise manner

3. The presenter appeared confident and engaging

4. The presenter conducted research and had a range of sources


5. The presenter used evidence to back up point of view


6. A range of communication styles and technologies were used


7. The presentation was creative and fun


8. The presenter answered any questions from the audience


9. The presenter appealed to a range of learning styles (visual & audio)



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