Activity Introduction

Activity details: In this activity the class is asked to collect junk mail from home and bring it to the class to reuse. The junk mail can be used in art projects, as scrap paper, or to create a junk mail ‘washing line’.  The class will then make their own ‘no junk mail’ sign to take home.

Key lessons and understandings of activity: This activity has been designed to raise awareness of the problem of junk mail and its environmental impact, and to offer some solutions as to how the problem can be addressed or to suggest ways of reusing junk mail.

Module: Waste

Year levels: Foundation

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor

Duration of activity: 20+ mins

Learning areas addressed: Geography, Science, Art

Resources needed: Junk mail, art resources.

Homework and extension opportunities: None

Keywords: Junk mail, foundation

Explicit Australian Curriculum link: Use direct and indirect comparisons to decide which is longer, heavier or holds more, and explain reasoning in everyday language (ACMMG006)


Teacher Worksheet

Activity outline

In this activity students are asked to collect junk mail from home and bring it to the class to reuse.


Preparation - Begin this activity by asking your class collect junk mail from home (if they have any) and bring it to school. You could do this over one week or several weeks. Also ask other staff at school to do the same so that you end up with a decent pile of junk mail that you can use in the classroom.

Activity - With a load of junk mail collected, talk to your students about what junk mail is and where it comes from. Junk mail:

  • Is usually advertising for a shop or for something you can buy.
  • Is not usually addressed to anyone in particular.
  • Is usually pretty boring - nothing very exciting will come as junk mail.
  • Is made from paper and comes from trees.
  • Uses up many, many trees each year (around the world more than 100 million trees are destroyed each year to produce junk mail).
  • Is one of the main type of rubbish made at home (in America,
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