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Rubric introduction

A rubric is a method for monitoring student’s learning based on chosen criteria or guidelines. Rubrics are often provided to students before they commence an assessment task so they are able to think about the criteria on which part of their assessment will occur.

The sample rubric for this unit of work is generic and is based on ‘A model of inquiry learning’ in which students will be collecting and using data. The criteria is based on the Australian Curriculum and overlaps Science, English, Mathematics and Geography.  Teachers are encouraged to modify this rubric to meet their specific assessment needs.


Keywords: Rubric, Criteria, Assessment, Grade, Marking.



Teacher Worksheet

Sample Rubric years for 7 and 8 for an environmental unit of work

Student’s name: 

Unit of work:


Criteria Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary
Interpreting and analysing text When interpreting and analysing text about a controversial issue the author’s text is confused with personal ideas Text dealing with issues are only analysed for one or two criteria – authority, evidence, point of view or moral content etc Texts dealing with issues are analysed for their authority, (evidence when relevant) point of view and any moral content etc In addition reasons are given for which texts are the most authoritative
Creating texts Lacks confidence when trying to explain their personal point of view about issues of interest Language needs to be more deliberate and persuasive when producing text explaining their personal point of view about issues of interest Produces persuasive text explaining their personal point of view about issues of interest As w
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