Activity Introduction

Activity outline: This interactive whiteboard lesson revisits the idea of personal resource use and the chain of production. Students are introduced to the idea of the 4R’s. They explore how to incorporate these ideas into their lives.

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Learning outcomes:

  • This lesson is designed to consolidate student ideas from the “Metal to Mobile” SMART Notebook lesson
  • Students are able to define and identify a resource and distinguish the difference between a renewable and non renewable resource.
  • Students are able to apply their knowledge of resource use to their own lives.
  • Students are able to identify the problems associated with a linear chain of production.
  • Students are able to ‘close the loop’ of the linear chain of production.
  • Students are able to identify the 4R’s and how they can be incorporated into the chain of production cycle.

Interactive components

This lesson includes a variety of interactive activities to engage students. Activities include click to reveal, move and reveal, rub and reveal, slide and reveal and a variety of interactive sorting activities

Year level: Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6

This lesson can be used with various content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum. For more information see

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Smart Notebook Waste Matters - the 4r's 2 (Download)


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