Activity Introduction

Quick summary: In this lesson, students will explore the journeys of several marquee players of the inaugural AFLW season. By exploring their stories, students will consider how the introduction of the AFLW has impacted the personal narratives of Australia’s elite female Australian rules footballers. This exploration will provide a stimulus from which students will develop their own narratives.

This lesson is designed to provide practise for NAPLAN, the national literacy and numeracy test held in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9*. It focuses on narrative structure, exploring the progress of a protagonist’s journey throughout the story.

This lesson has been developed in conjunction with the AFLW in celebration of the advancement of women in sport and the promotion of equal opportunity for all people in all facets of life.


Learning intentions:

  • Students will understand that people living in a community are diverse.
  • Students will learn to empathise with others.
  • Students will use a typical narrative structure to develop a story that is engaging for readers.

21st century skills:

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions:

Year 7 English

  • Experiment with text structures and language features and their effects in creating literary texts, for example, using rhythm, sound effects, monologue, layout, navigation and colour (ACELT1805)
  • Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, selecting aspects of subject matter and particular language, visual, and audio features to convey information and ideas (ACELY1725)

Year 8 English

  • Create literary texts that draw upon text structures and language features of other texts for particular purposes and effects (ACELT1632)
  • Experiment with text structures and language features to refine and clarify ideas to improve the effectiveness of students’ own texts (ACELY1810)

Syllabus outcomes: EN4-4B

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding

Relevant parts of Year 7 achievement standards: Students create structured and coherent texts for a range of purposes and audiences. When creating and editing texts they demonstrate understanding of grammar, use a variety of more specialised vocabulary and accurate spelling and punctuation.

Relevant parts of Year 8 achievement standards: Students create texts for different purposes, selecting language to influence audience response. When creating and editing texts to create specific effects, they take into account intended purposes and the needs and interests of audiences. They demonstrate understanding of grammar, select vocabulary for effect and use accurate spelling and punctuation.

Topic: Social Issues.

Unit of work: AFLW – NAPLAN Preparation.

Time required: 90 mins.

Level of teacher scaffolding: Medium – some students will require support to develop writing ideas.

Resources required: Student Worksheet – printed, one per student. Device capable of presenting a video to the class. AFLW Logo Display. Learning intentions and success criteria display.

Keywords: AFLW, equality, change, society, narrative.

*This lesson plan is not an officially endorsed publication of NAPLAN’s creators and administrators – the ACARA body – but is designed to provide practice for the Australian Curriculum’s compulsory NAPLAN testing scheme.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.

© Cool Australia and the Australian Football League


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher preparation

Learning intentions:

  • Students will understand that people living in a community are diverse.
  • Students will learn to empathise with others.
  • Students will use a typical narrative structure to develop a story that is engaging for readers.

Success criteria:

  • Students can explain the viewpoint and experiences of someone other than themselves.
  • Students can describe the emotions and perspectives of someone who has been held back by social structures.
  • Students will plan and write a narrative which follows the 8-point story arc.

Teacher content information:

Creating the AFL Women's League | Jan Cooper

"Without recognition women lose their history. They do these extraordinary things, and then they are forgotten and denied to ever have existed, so women keep reinventing the wheel."
– Dr. Marjorie Snyder, the Senior Director of Research at the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Introducing AFLW
In 2015, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan

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Student Worksheet

Thought Starter: “Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads” - Erica Jong

1. After viewing each player story, note key characteristics of each player:

Darcy Vescio
Katie Brennan
Moana Hope
Ebony Marinoff

2. Watch the video ‘How to Write a Great Story - The 8-Point Story Arc’ and describe each point in the 8-Point Story Arc table below:

Point Description
Critical Choice

3. Spend a little time developing their own protagonist by responding to the prompts below:

What is your character's name?
What does your character look like?
How old is she?
What is her nationality?
What does her voice sound like?
Does she have an accent?
When, where, and to whom was she born?
Does she go to school, wor
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